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Tears fell from watery eyes, fingers clutching the stone for dear life. How could he have expected to move away from a spot that meant so much to him? Someone so close to him, so warm and kind; the sun to his world buried only so many feet below where he stood. He couldn’t keep the memories from making their way to the surface. His laugh, the way his eyes caught the sunlight at a certain angle; lighting up into brilliant blue.

You’re Gone

“Don’t cry…” His voice again, something that has been haunting every moment of his waking thoughts, and even the dreams he had been having as of late. So many hugs he had been given, so many times his tears had been wiped away by the warm, loving fingers…


“Don’t listen to a word they say.” The hushed whisper at the back of his mind, reminding him every moment of who was watching out for him, of the man that he had looked up to for so many years. His breathing caught, tears falling more and more, teeth biting into his lower lip to keep his sob inside. ”Close your eyes, and I’ll be there with you!”

Gone away

“I miss you. They all miss you…” Cupping the headstone, his upper body leaned over it, to read the inscription carved into the pale cobblestone. To him, it pulsated with heat, with signs that he as still there, even if not in a physical form. Some part of him had still wanted to keep everything to himself, some… selfish desire to huddle close to his memories of warmth…

I watched you disappear

How could he have predicted it would end like this? If he could take that day back, he would give up anything to have it reversed, to go through it again and change how it all ended, but he had been told to move on, just to forget it ever happened and try to go on with his life…

All that’s left is a ghost of you

“I‘m sorry, Martin..”


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